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Re: Mouth pieces
Oct 23, 2001
Ingrid, it really does depend on what kind of splint you need. If all you need is a simple bruxism splint meant to prevent tooth-on-tooth contact, then by all means I would try a sports guard or a do-it-yourself bite guard (I've seen commercials for these so I know they exist!). You dentist will probably tell you to have one professionally made by him, but really there is no harm in trying to do it yourself first. If the sport guard doesn't work then you're out $5. But if it does work then you've saved $200 to $300! So if that's all you need, then it's worth it.

With that said, if you need something more sophisticated than simple prevention of contact, then you'll have to have it professionally made. Some bruxism splints have metal wires and pieces to hold them to your teeth (like a retainer). Sophisticated bruxism splints can run you $200 to $300 (I've had two of these). And if you need a TMJ splint, then it will be designed to actually realign your jaw joint and change your bite, which requires quite extensive lab work and a lot of appointments (weekly even) for adjustments. I've had two of these also. The first one cost me $1650 and the second one cost $1500. Plus $50 to $80 per adjustment visit, which for me was weekly for a long time. For some it's only monthly. Never should it be any more than 6 weeks between adjustments of a TMJ splint.

So like the last poster said, it really depends on what you need! But there's never any harm in trying the simplest, cheapest methods first, then moving to the more complicated methods if the cheap ones fail you. You do get to a point, like I have, where you can't waste any more money on treatments that don't work. Four splints and over $4000 later (and that doesn't include physiotherapy and chiropractic work I've also tried) I'm continuing to get worse. I certainly hope that you have better luck than I've had.

Hope that helps.
Re: Mouth pieces
Oct 23, 2001

In my opinion, the off the shelf mouthguards will do nothing IF, the jaw needs to be moved into a "corrected" position. A splint needs to be moulded to fit snugly around every tooth, in order to apply the appropriate level of force to gradually move the bone. An ordinary mouth guard won't accomplish that. It'll keep you from clenching a bit, but that's about all.


Your splints cost $1650 and $1500?? YIKES!! The most a splint ever cost me was $265.00 (Canadian dollars at that!) I went monthly for adjustments - which cost $100.00 each month. Fortunately, my husband's insurance at work reimbursed me 100% for TMJ appliances, Xrays, etc. to a maximum of $1500.00 in my lifetime. For the orthodontics that followed, they reimbursed 75% to a maximum of $4500.00 in my lifetime. I count my blessings that we had insurance that recognized TMJ as a very real condition!


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