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Re: Tmj or stroke
Mar 12, 2001
Hi Ihad tmj myself for years with all kinds of wierd things including the eyes and awful dizziness among many other things...thought i was going nuts and was sent to a dr who made me worse!After a year with this dr i found out he was being sued for ruining people.He was treating me threw appliances and wasn't an orthodontist.I spent about 10.000 dollars and 10 long years of therapy on my back which is still bad today and had to see an orthodontist.......but after the braces i was so much better and about all wierd things were gone except my back and neck which i am now seeing a chiropracter i really don't think you had a stoke because when i had tmj i had so many wierd things i thought for sure i would go nuts.Even had my tounge go numb once in a while.Just make sure you go to orthodontist and not some quack like i did at first and 10 yrs later still suffer from him putting my back out in 3 places from goofy appliances he had me wear.Now the mouth splint is ok and all drs use that so don't worry about that one.I wore real wierd ones and i know they made me worse.Just try to stay calm, tmj is painful and nerve wracking but will not kill you ....i know when i would get scared when i had tmj my nerves brought even more on.With me at this moment my nerves are real bad from suffering with back stomach and arm pain so severe it wakes me up and i do alot of crying and had gallbladder out to have pain come back and drs thought it was acid reflux but nothing helped the BADpain i get everyday so now wouldn't you know i went to a chiropracter and he found me out in 3 places and a nerve being pinched in center of my back which could be the reason for my stomach pain and i know they were out from quack tmj dr 10 yrs ago but just lived with it but now i am in alot of pain. when these pains come on i am gonna get help.Just be careful on who you get to work on you I KNOW HOW I HAVE BEEN IN MY BACK SINCE THE FIRST DR WORKED ON MY MOUTH!

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