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Hi everyone,
I've just been diag. with TMJD and my doctor would like to see me start with a splint (just at night). I'm not aware of clenching my teeth but he thinks I am.
My question is, is it really necessary to go out and pay 300+ for a splint, wouldn't a mouthguard do? Have any of you found that wearing a splint decreases the pain? I've got severe pain in my jaw and ear, pain in my neck and shoulder and "driving me crazy" headaches. I haven't experienced any locking, so far just popping on my right side only. In fact, my left side hardly bothers me at all, just light throbbing, but not the constant throbbing I get on the right side. I just hate to put out any more money and find the splint does nothing for the pain.
Also, my throat is sore off and on - is this also a symptom of TMJD.
I'm glad I found this board - very imformative. So far, I'm yet to find a doctor that really understands this - frustrating and confusing!
Thanks everyone!

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