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I've had this problem for about 3 years now and it has finally driven me to the point of getting it diagnosed. And like many of you are getting the run-a-round. I was in a car accident and was knocked unconcious taking the impact on my jaw. It took months for me to notice any problems from it until I was at movie and the audience started clapping. I heard a roaring or distorted sound in my right ear. Everything gradually got worse and my right jaw now pops at will, and my left ear is affected. Basically anything about what most would call normal volume level distorts my hearing to the point where I don't go to movies, concerts, or anything where I know my ears will bother me. Now the reason I think it may be TMJ is related has to do with my right ear being more affected and my right jaw popping. I can also feel my jaw pushing in my ears almost if my misaligned jaw is keeping my ear drum from fully vibrating. Does this sound familiar to anyone or any idea what could be the problem? I've been to a variety of doctors now and they just keep sending me different places and costing me money for doing absolutely nothing. The first doctor told me I had TMJ and gave me muscle relaxers. Nothing. Then I went to a dentist and he said I definetly had TMJ, but since my ear was the primary concern, to see a oral surgeon. Oral surgeon explained my TMJ and then told me to go to a ENT. ENT gave me nasal spray. Again nothing. Now I don't know what to do. I'm tired of playing games and would like a serious diagnosis. I'm at the point where I should just treat the TMJ and see if my ears problems go away since I think they are related. Thanks for listening and any advice would be appreciated.


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