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Hi All:
Went to a new ENT last week, who diagnosed me with Eustachian Tube Dysfunction with conductive hearing loss and ear pain(otalgia). He prescribed prednisone for me, and when it didn't work (well, it's a little better, I guess, but not much...), he said, "I think you may have TMJ, because you don't have hearing loss (even though he wrote that I did on my receipt)." He said that if the prednisone didn't work then I have TMJ, and I should try some mouth guard thing. My question is, How can you differentiate between the two? I have NO pain in my jaw, or clicking or popping or difficulty opening my mouth...It just makes me wonder if people are being misdiagnosed because the ENT can't "see" into the inner ear and the CTs, etc. don't show much. I've heard that inner ear disorders can take a long time to resolve, and I'm wondering if these doctors are diagnosing TMJ in inner ear cases, just to get you off their backs...I mean, I can see if you've got some jaw symptoms, but if all you've got is inner ear ones, I don't see how they can just automatically diagnose TMJ (esp. 5 days after a different diagnosis). I even bit down on this tongue depressor to prove I have no pain or problems in this area, but I guess that doesn't matter? I'm so confused! Lizzie

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