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Check into information about the trigeminal nerve. I am not saying this is the problem but this nerve controls all blood flow to the head. The trigeminal nerve, unbeknownst to the vast majority of the medical profession, innervates the blood vessels in the brain. Through this innervation and by secretion of neuropeptides from its ganglion, it has the ability to control blood flow to the brain. When the trigeminal nerve is hyperactive from jaw malalignment, this control mechanism can be abnormal, leading to low blood flow to the brain. This in turn causes headaches, jaw pain, ear pain etc.

The etiology of temporomandibular disorders has eluded the dental profession at large because of its lack of understanding of function. TMJ conditions are recognized as a dysfunction, yet the dental profession has attempted to study TMJ problems with only skeletal records (study models and x-rays), leaving muscular as well as jaw motion analysis out of the picture.

The primary etilogy of TMJ, though not known to the dental profession, is very simple- it is due to an excess range of motion in the function of the jaw. That is, the teeth support the jaw in such a way that is has to go through excess motion to perform daily activities (like chewing, swallowing, speech, rest, etc.)_. Typically, symptoms start developing when the range of motion approaches three millimeters. This leads to excess load on the joints, the muscles, the nerves, and the teeth, thus causing pain.

I am still looking for answers too, but this makes sense to me. Surgery was a disaster so something has to make sense pretty soon!!!!!
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