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Hello to everyone, My name is Mark and I have been diagnosed with TMD, and have been wearing a splint for 1 year. My symptoms are Elevated Tinnitus levels (I've had Tinnitus all my life) Ear fullness, and I get a crackling sound, when I move my head, or while walking or running. kinda like fluid trapped in the ear. I have no pain, Just the fullness and the sounds in my head. I have had some improvement wearing the splint, my ear problems seem to change all the time. It's been a real rollercoaster. Good for ten days then terrible for 10 days. I was wondering if anyone else has these symptoms especially the crackling. I Think the TMD has a lot to do with my Tinnitus, and the tone has Improved after wearing the splint, for the first time in 20+ years. I am optimistic. It seems that most TMD sufferers, have some kind of pain associated with their disorder. Any replies would be appreciated.
Hi Mark-

I too suffer from tinnitus and ear popping. I had the ear fullness as well for a good couple of months earlier in the year that brought it's share of dizzyness with it - but a 5 day run of prednisone helped alot. The fullness came back, but when I started wearing a splint about 4 months ago, the fullness disappeared and has not come back.

The tinnitus that started with the ear fullness, however, is still here 24x7 (in both ears)... although the loudnes of it varies from day to day. The only other ear problem I notice is a loud pop when I swallow. I hear it in both ears, much louder in the right where the fullness was, but a small pop from the left... I have been through the Stanford Ear Clinic and was testing for everything ear related, but they found nothing. I pretty much keep a headache these days, and that adds to my tinnitus level and makes me feel unsteady, almost dizzy again.

What I have found that helped me quite a bit was acupuncture. I've been going once a week for about 3 months now, and have experienced a dramatic decrease in the tinnitus level. I also cut my salt intake way down (which was really rough, < 1000mg per day), and quit drinking caffiene ... so I assume it's a combination of all of those things. I tried the cranial osteopath route and didn't have much success there, so I gave that up. Recently started trying Yoga - and can say that after each yoga class, I feel better than do all week long...

Am actually thinking of trying Pamelor or Elavil, recommended by my TMJ dentist, (antidepressents) that are supposed to help with headaches and even tinnitus, but am a bit apprehensive due to the side effects.

Anyway, sorry to ramble on. It's nice to hear of someone with tinnitus as part of their TMD "package", as it scares me to death some days.

Good Luck.
Thanks for they reply and insight. I've tried Acupuncture one time, and felt kind of foolish, I probably should have given it a chance, But I kept thinking of the movie, Man on the Moon, when Andy Kaughman, tries all the Vodoo doctors for his Cancer. I wasn't buying it. At $55 per session. But I will admit that I felt more relaxed on my way out of the office.
If your Tinnitus developed with your TMD, I think there is an excellent chance you will be rid of that. After 4 months your fullness is gone is a great sign. I have been wearing my splint for a year, but I cheated a lot. I took it out when I ate, and now after a year, and constant flare ups, I decided to go 100% compliance. I haven't ate without it for a month and, I do feel a difference, But the T levels are still through the roof.
I've tried the antidepressive route. Killed me. Felt like a vegetable. I do take Xanax for anxiety, Helps a lot especially when I can't sleep. A good night sleep is the difference between a good or a terrible day.
Can you tell me what you mean by "cranial osteopath" I haven't heard of that before.

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The crackling sound is crepitus.
I got the idea of going to a crainial osteopath after reading through the archives on this board. Some really appear to have had success from it. I, however, couldn't tell any difference except a much lighter pocket (it was $160 for 45 minutes).

I guess my problem with it stemmed from the fact that I come from a science background - and I was having a hard time buying what this woman was saying. She said she was feeling places on my body for irregularities ... I asked her to explain what she meant, and she said it was like the difference between touching a live tree and a telephone pole. I didn't see how she could get a sense of that - especially through the clothes I had on... so I gave it up. The TMJ specialist I see said he had very few patients who reported success with an osteopath and suggested I throw my money towards biofeedback - which I will be doing for the first time next Monday.

Who knows... I never thought acupuncture would work either ... but it really helps me. When I leave, it is the most relaxed I feel all week... and my tinnitus level has dropped considerably since starting.

Not trying to knock osteopaths. They just didn't do much for me. Some people swear by them.

By the way, do you know why your ears have been ringing all your life ? Is your tinnitus the cause of your hearing problems ?
My ears have been ringing for as long as I could remember. When I was about 18 My hearing test showed a slight hearing loss in my right ear. I pretty much habituated to it, until this fullness developed about 4 years ago. I'm 40 now. This sent the T levels off the chart. Trying different things I went to a chiropractor for an adjustment, and instantly My slight hearing loss was gone, and my Tinnitus improved. I use to have a roaring and a ringing. The roaring is gone, and has not come back for two years. The ringing remains. This was my first clue that TMJD Might have something to do with my lifelong Tinnitus problem.

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