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[QUOTE=rlat45;4678732]Hi Jenni,

Thanks so much for your post. After crying all last night because I was so overwhelmed by anxiety and this humming in my ear, it was good to see your comments. The ENT's told me that I have e-tube disfunction from the TMJ, but they never prescribed anything for it. I have constant popping in both ears and can never seem to equalize the pressure. My left ear used to be the worse one, but I find that my ears are taking turns being the more problematic ear. I read that estachian tube disfunction can cause the popping and pressure and also a low grade fever. It's strange because I've been running at about 100 for months now. Did you have a temp at all?
I have to believe that this will go away. I can't live with this and the anxiety is soo bad right now. I'm just so afraid that it will get so loud that I won't be able to hear over the humming or that I'm losing my hearing.
I will look up your old posts to see what they prescribed for your treatment. I can't believe my doctors didn't offer me anything. It's like they said , "yeah , you have TMJ and your ears are fine" and sent me on my way.
Thanks again, Jenni, you made me feel a lot better this morning.[/QUOTE]

Ah, I feel for you so much...the crying spells, the terrible anxiety. :(

My humming is focused on one ear, as well, but like yours the popping/clogging/pressure is sometimes in both ears, sometimes only in one, totally switching back and forth at random. What I was told is that this is normal during the recovery process, which I was told could take a very long time. My ears initially plugged on Dec 17th, but the humming started farther back, sometime in October 2010, so yeah. It's a long, stubborn health condition that I'm only now starting to beat.

At one point during this whole thing, I was running a low-grade temp like you...100 or so. I had lots of pressure but very little pain. It turned out that I had a middle ear infection on both sides. So there's a chance you might also have an active infection? If so, you need antibiotics like amoxicillin. It won't get rid of ETD, but it will help some of the symptoms.

Also, I was prescribed a small dose of ativan specifically for ETD. Critical emotional breaking points worsen the problem because a) anxiety makes the tinnitus louder and b) crying makes your sinuses swollen, which contributes to the plugging/pressure/blocking.

When you see your doctor, take in a list with everything you have told us and just be adamant...they are supposed to provide best practices care to you, their patient, or they aren't doing their job. First ENT I saw wanted to write this off as an inner ear condition and gave me a low sodium diet and a total brush-off, which put me on the wrong track and led to countless hours of research and freak-out on my part. Low sodium did not do anything but help me lose a few pounds, lol.

I can't believe you were told you had ETD and TMJ and were just shrugged off! There are definitely many things you can do to treat both conditions and feel better and heal.

I'm going to research my own potential TMJ/e-tube connection more. My MRI was looking at the head/ears for acoustic neuroma which I don't have.

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