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Hey Seltyk9,
Actually, I have seen an ENT and two neurotologists (inner ear specialists). They've all said that my ears are fine. I should be reassured by this, but I keep thinking that maybe I have an inner ear disorder that is gradually developing. Maybe I'm just crazy. Don't you ever worry that there is something wrong with your ears?
I did have tinitus like yours--soft high pitch ringing, until I got this humming 4 days ago. It's still doing it this morning along with incredible head and ear pain and pressure. It feels like my head and ears are filled with water and when I stand up quick from either sitting or bending over, I get a head rush with a sensation of my ears feeling extra full and muffled for a few minutes.

Thanks for the explanation of the two middle ear muscles. It makes sense, but wouldn't I have terribel jaw pain when the ear symptoms are acting up? I find that they don't necessarily act up together. Some days I have terrible face and jaw pain while experiencing less ear symptoms and vice versa.

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