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My splint is custom made for me to help with my TMJ mandibular repositioning and to prevent bruxism and I'm using it in conjunction with my daytime mandibular repositioning splint. It is an upper acrylic splint with a "beak" on the front that is set at the same height as my repositioning splint. The "post" is a wedge that comes down and settles behind my lower teeth. The wedge prevents my lower jaw from falling back while I sleep.

It has been a blessing for me because my tmj was causing major ear pain with the jaw pressing back towards my ear since the discs are slipped. The design of this splint keeps my teeth from touching at all. When I bite down, I'm biting on the "beak" but that can be a bit uncomfortable. All my bruxism issues were with my back molars so the fact they can't touch makes a difference. It has taken a while, but my muscles no longer try to brux when I'm sleeping at night. :D

I'm a bit nervous about beginning Phase II because I'll have to give up this splint. At the beginning of Phase II, I'll have upper braces and continue with my lower mandibular repositioner so I'll have some sort of lower NTI type device to help with the bruxism, but it won't help hold the jaw in a forward position the same way. Eventually, I'll have lower braces as well and I'll be splint free at night. I've slept with some kind of bruxism splint for about 11 years now so that will be a huge adjustment. (My jaw is ready, but my wallet isn't so it will be a while until I can begin Phase II though.)

My old flat plane splint which I wore was acrylic as well. Based on what I learned about the bruxism splints over the years, I've seen little information that is positive about the soft splints.

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