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I have posted my many symptoms here, and how it got this way, sorry for the details so often. I continue to seek help and now with no health insurance I am stuck trying to figure things out myself :(

I have researched the mandible, the moving joint said to be the CAUSE of TMJ, as the mandible, lower jaw is the only moving joint as the temporal bone is connected to the SKULL.

THIS is where I think I have found a connection with me anyway. The mandible MOVES so that is what is said to get out of whack for whatever reason, but what IF the problem originates in the TEMPORAL BONE, the bone that IS connected to the SKULL, is this the cause for the neurological symptoms for some with TMJ?

I have had so many neurological symptoms since my jaw was dislocated. I did as said have TMJ, popping cracking of the the LEFT TMJ for years, some stiffness, but NEVER had one issue on the right side and never had a problem laying down before having a tooth pulled and it was a front bottom tooth, but something happened to me right after tooth was pulled, my RIGHT jaw locked up, called a permanent lock and opened very little, pain radiating down neck and arm into right rib. occipital area tingling, burning, temporal region, cheek, above eye went dead numb, all feeling is back except for the portion above temporal bone and above right eye.

To lay down on any side of my head, front, back or sides its awful, I can not sleep sitting up and so after I am about to pass out I have to lay down and fight the spasms in neck head and jaw until I pass out. I wake with tingling in occipitals jaws locked , pain and tingling fire into arms, rib twisted on right. It has to be the muscle spasms or nerves being impinged, at times the eye bones temporal bone area, occciptals on whatever side is worse feel like cutting that side of head off would be best.

It has changed all the time, never the same always and goes through a sequence and repeats itself.

Yes, the jaw is unstable, its obvious, but I wonder if the temporal bone itself is the real issue. One eye is either lower or higher then the other as is the eyebrow, my lips are crooked, my jaw juts bad to the right, but I am telling you its as if the temporal bone and the mandible are in a fight on both sides all twisting each other out of shape so that I can't tell what direction its going or being pulled.

UGH, hope someone can relate here. My Right temporal bone sticks out further on the right and is definitely higher, my ears aren't even the same height, but its not like its just a vertical difference its as if the regions are twisting in different directions.

anyway, I know I didn't explain that right, but its the best I can do right now.

I just feel like there is more to this then the MANDIBLE, and I have not read anywhere on TMJ where the temporal bone is of issue, but for me its definitely BOTH!

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