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I have had swollen glands in my neck for almost 1 year. I have been to several doctors (clinics) having no insurance and been told I have sinus infection first...which I do not have!!! I have had sinus infections and this is not one. Next was an ear infection ears do hurt occasionally and were hurting pretty bad at that point but havent really persistantly bothered me as the glands have. Third was a diagnosis of allergies???I have not had a single sore throat for the entire year.I dont have sinus problems either. I finally went to an ENT and he used a scope to view my thoat and saw nothing other than my tonsils which are enlarged and pitted with some white patches.I have been prescribed Septra at the first 3 clinics which did seem to work but as soon as I finished the course of antibiotics it came back within a week or two...again no sore throat or any cold like symptoms but difficulty swallowing and swollen glands.The ENT doctor diagnosed it as tonsilitis and prescribed a depo-medrol dose pack to reduce the swelling which has done the trick but I feel it lingering again and think it is returning once again. So its been almost a year and I am at my wits end and eztremely frustrated. I have an upper denture and have had TMJ pain for years but for the most case its tolerable and I havent had to seek and treatment so far but wonder if it could be a part of whats been going on with my glands?? I also quit smoking due to the fact that the government began putting Ethyl-vinyl acetate (carpet glue) on the cigarette papers in 2010 for fire safety.I have done my homework and it seems many people are having health issues due to this stuff.It did seem to help and reduced to discomfort and swelling of my glands but I dont know if it was the culprit that started my problems or not as FSC cigarettes started being sold about the same time my problems began. Any help is appreciated. Confused and frustrated, fexxrick1217

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