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no problem, I know how you feel. I myself had a flare of pain tonight and could not sleep pretty much the whole time. One thing keeps me going, is that the flares are not that often now and seem to gradually decrease in the intensity. So hopefully, I am on the right track.
We are pretty much the same age, I am almost 29:) I have neglected my teeth while being a student, so I ended up having a tooth root-canaled without a crown (only a filing). That lasted about 4-5 years and broke when I was pregnant. So I did not take care of it until after I gave birth and was done breast-feeding. By that time, the tooth was non-restorable. Stupid me for deciding to save some money and opt for a bridge! Should've had an implant done right away, which is what will eventually be done when I am off with braces.
I know how you feel when you say that your teeth are moving. My moved A LOT, I could see that by the way my front teeth looked and shifted. My midline is almost a tooth to the left and it was pretty centered before. Now as I got braces only 3 days ago, they seem to not move that direction anymore. I am hoping and praying that braces stopped that crazy movement for good, and will eventually reverse the chaos that was done to my bite. And of course, I am hoping to get rid of annoying bodily pains.
I also know too well what you mean when you say that you know your body and it is not allergy. No, it is NOT. I never had allergies and anyway, I could tell you that this is nothing like an allergy. From my sad experience, I only could tell you to stop wasting your time and money on ENTs, traditional dentists, primary care etc. Go directly to TMJ specialist, even if you have to pay out of pocket. Or else, you can do braces but this might be risky. I will let you know how I am doing if you don;t find a solution by that time. So far, seems like I might be on the right track...

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