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I started the splint therapy with very expensive (very) occlusal splints and I hope I get better soon. My ringing is the worst symptom still and it has gotten very loud lately, when it gets flared up like that it's accompanied with sporadic ear pain, feels like in the canal and around the condyle... Not constant, just spurts. When the ringing is minimal there is almost never pain in the face except if I yawn... I'm convinced it's all TMJ related.

Anyways... How long for your splints when you had them at first before your head quieted down?


I had a lot of testing from my current TMJ specialist that confirmed I actually had TMJ and that my lower jaw was pressing back against my ear. It was an MRI that showed my the disc position the best. I had a bunch of other tests that also confirmed my TMJ as well though.

I can't remember exactly how long it took the ringing to get better. The ringing was noticably different fairly quickly. I was doing a lot of PT w/ trigger point releases and taking medication (flexeril and occassionally elavil) to help with the ringing at the same time I started with the splint as well though. I do know it was pretty much gone within a month or so. I know I was sleeping better. I did have a return of the ringing about 6 months in. I went back to having some frequent PT and releases and to taking the flexeril until it went away again.

It was the "stuffiness" that got me the longest. It gradually got better, but I'd say it was about 10 months with the splint before my right ear "popped" and this was after months of stuffiness prior to getting the splint.

If you are having trouble sleeping, you might try the CD called [I]Freedom from TMJ[/I] by Denise Lynch. It is a relaxation CD that is specifically for relaxing the muscles around the TMJ... and the rest of your body as well.

While I'm still having some neck and shoulder muscle issues, my facial muscles are doing about 1000% better than a year ago this time when I started with my splint. The neck and shoulder stuff would probably be much better if I could afford to do more massage and therapy though.

A lot of the strategies I use are in the book the [I]TMJ Healing Plan: 10 steps to relieving headaches, neck pain and jaw disorders [/I]by Cynthia Peteron, PT.

I hope you start getting some relief soon.

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