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I've had these problems going on since April so i'll just start from there.
Back in April I started having a tingly sensation in my left upper shoulder and then would have a dull ache on the left side of my neck as well. I started noticing that when I would tilt my head to the right, the left side of my neck felt so tight. A few weeks after this started I went to the dentist because I had an abscess tooth(on the opposite side as neck pain) and he gave me a pretty high dose of amoxicillin and within a few days I developed thrush. Ever sicne the thrush cleared up I then started having a sensation of feeling a lump in my throat when swallowing. Pair this with the pain in my neck and arm and I began to have severe anxiety. Went to Dr and she said it sounded like reflux and neck pain was a pulled muscle. Within days my jaw on the left side started to lock every so often and right in front of my ear would get really sore. Went to ENT and she said the throat problem sounded like LPR and my neck was very tight so she thought it was a pulled muscle as well. I was put on some medicine for the anxiety/depression i was experieicing from all this as well as medicine for the LPR. Took that for a few weeks and it seems the pain in my neck got worse and would cause my arm to tingle and get numb. About the middle of June had a horrible headache like i've never had in the past and my husband took me to ER and they did CT scan and said everything looked good and they thought it was a tension headache.
Skip to end of July and many doctor visits later (and my dr did an xray on shoulder and neck area and said everything looked ok) I was still having severe anxiety thinking something has to be wrong and my ENT let me come in one Friday afternoon without an appt because she knew how bad my anxiety was getting and did a scope down my throat and didn't see anything to be concerned with but that my throat was indeed red and pretty swollen. Once getting this confirmed the feeling in my throat is still there but nowhere near as bad, ENT thinks my anxiety only added to it and made it so bad. Felt the side of my neck again and said she feels nothing out of the ordinary just tightness but to me the side of my neck where the SCM muscle is looks puffy and that is where the pain in my neck is. Along with all this my jaw was still popping and I would wake up some mornings with it actually locked on that side and to top it off my ear on that side started becoming really stuffy like I couldn't hear out of it properly.
Just last week under ENT and my Dr recommendation I went to get my neck massaged and the lady said it was really tight and did alot of trigger point stuff but three days later and i will say my ear feels less stuffy but and jaw doesnt hurt but my neck still looks puffy where that muscle is and my jaw was locked this morning when i woke up. My question is does this sound like TMJ and has anyone ever had problems with this paticular muscle? I have two small children and my anxiety over this has been awful. After seeing so many drs my husband now thinks this is all in my head and i'm not sure where to go from here.
Also I wanted to note that I no longer have the numbness down my arm but that my shoudler feels very stiff and the muscle in that arm is alot weaker than my other arm.

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