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I really do not know what to offer that can help. 20 years ago I went again and again to my doctor complaining of ear aches, I thought I was getting them from the pool and swimming too much (I live in Florida) and he never could find any ear problems other than some slight swelling in the ear cannel. I even began to wear ear plugs in the shower along with the pool. The ear ache progressed to facial swelling and then slurred speach. THEN my isurance company decided "I had a problem" and allowed me to get an MRI. The doctor that did the MRI was the first person I ever heard utter the word TMJ. Have you been seen by an Oral Surgeon? The only suggestion I can make to you is try switching off using heat then ice, try not to chew and train yourself to place the tip of your tounge on the roof of your mouth to give the joints a rest. I hope you get some answers and relief soon!
Take Care! :wave:

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