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Hey MountainReader,

reading your story, I realized how easy it is to get fixated on whatever is going on with you and don't realize that for many people, the same process is much harder - in one way or another. After reading about your journey, I can say that for me - braces have been easier so far. I don't have to apply wax, do not develop the sores, my wire does not snap and the bracket came loose only once (on a crown as well). And even the elastics is very-very simple compared to yours (and thankfully I have a latex one). My complains are soreness in the random teeth and almost constant feeling that my bite is off, plus occasional bodily pains - but this is something I can handle, hoping that it is temporary. I am amazed on how well and calm you are enduring everything that comes your way! Keep it up and know that you are an inspiration for me!

As of the crown and the bracket coming loose. They told me that crowns and veneers require different preparation before braces, specifically they rough it a little more to enable better adhesion. Have they done it for you? Since they did it for me, I have had no problems.

I know you had problems with facial symmetry (or lack thereof :-) before braces. Is it getting better now? I am so excited that my previously deformed upper palate starts acquiring a more symmetrical shape! It is very far from perfect still, but I can say that it is way better (I have molds of my teeth pre-braces so I can compare). To make myself very clear, it is not the bone that changes, but rather the teeth position within the bone (there's always some wiggle room). They are less slanted towards one side. My face balances as well but the change is very gradual (and slow... GGGGRRRRRR!!!!!).

I will also have to replace 2 crowns and have 2 implants inserted post braces. But I will deal with this when I get there. For me, it is still at least a year in braces, but I do agree - every step you take, every move you make... LOL :)))
I agree with you about how we tend to fixate on whatever our current issues are... human nature I think.

Regarding the elastics, at least I know that my configurations and numbers of elastics will change as my teeth shift into position. The V's should be gone when I get my molars erupted. I'm not sure about the ones from my bottom back molar to canine. I started wearing those to help my TMJD since my jaw tends to fall back towards my ears (old jaw position) while I'm sleeping. The elastics are heavy and help keep my jaw forward at night. I'm always a bit scared that I'll develop an underbite. So far the bite is actually in good position though.

Regarding the bracket on the crown, my dentist really ruffed up the surface with some sort of acid prior to placing the bracket on (I can't remember what kind of acid it was). I know he really wanted me to replace it even before I started braces treatment though. While it is only a couple years old, it has the remnants of a silver filling. Unofficially, my ortho wants me to get all the metal out of my mouth at the end of my treatment... braces and fillings (pun intended). He really thinks it will make me feel in better health. All my fillings went in when I was 13 so they are pretty old also. (That is a complete other story though.) Anyway, I'll worry about the new crown more as I get closer to finishing. I'm hopeful I'll finish in about 1 1/2 years.

My ortho takes tons of picts at every appointment. Every appointment, they pull up the picts on a huge computer monitor next to the dental chair and take a close look comparing changes. It really is crazy to see your teeth when they are about five inches tall each. Anyway, my upper arch is looking beautiful in shape and symmetry and he is very happy with the spacing of my upper teeth.

I think it will be a while before I really notice the facial symmetry changes. In addition to the TMJD symmetry issues, I've had single-sided deafness my whole life and "talked" towards my good ear. Once the bite is good, I think I have a lot more work getting the muscles evened out. I have one side that is a lot weaker and would probably benefit from some speech therapy. (Thus my avatar). I know that it will come though. So far, I'm very happy.

I'm excited you are starting to see some changes. When it is so slow, it is often hard to recognize. I think we've both made some good decisions with the decision to go to Phase II.

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