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I am hoping someone here can shed some light on whats going on with some symptoms I am having and whether or not you guys who have been diagnosed with TMJ have had similiar symptoms. A brief historical summary...

Just over a year ago I started having pressure in ears and face and a constant buzzed feeling during waking hours. Started at family doctor. Blood test for diabetes. nope. steroid shot and antibiots. no relief. Tried 2 ENT's Same thing, steroids and antibiotics several times. ENT did some type of balloon of sinuses. nothing. 2nd ENT did CT scan. Showed a little grey area in back of sinuses. Again steroids and antibiotics. nothing. I am waiting for follow up with 2nd ENT to see what else is happening. Oh. i am also on CPAP machine, but none of the doctors thing that could be causing my problem.

I have been searching these boards for some type of explanation. I'm grasping at straws here trying to see if somehow I have some sort of TMJ.

One reason is that my wife said to me the other day in the car to stop grinding my teeth. I was a bit shocked. She said that I do it all the time and she can hear it when were close and its quiet. I also find my jaw pops sometime and that I seem to not be comfortable in the jaw area when I bite down.

So my symptoms persist. Pressure in face and behind eyes. Pressure in ears. pressure in back of neck. No real pain except for a sharp pain that may run through my ear every now and then. Continuous light headed or buzzed feeling and not being able to concentrate during all my waking hours. Never seems to get better.

Could it be that I need a dentist or neurologist? I just dont know where to go.

I am attempting to schedule an appointment with a TMJ dentist in my town. Just wondering if that's a waste of time and money.

I am under alot of stress in my job. It's fast paced and dealing with the public. So maybe that's part of it.

Any ideas? All answers appreciated. Thanks!

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