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The Sensodyne toothpaste actually helps a lot for me. Doesn't cure all of the discomfort or fix anything, but helps a lot. My only issue is that the rest of my gums, not including the effected two front bottom receding teeth, get very sore very quickly with what I eat or something. I think this is because of the mouth wash routine I do, and I plan on trying an alcohol free mouthwash to have it be more gentle. I usually mix it with some water, but it still leaves my mouth sore, but still does wonders for the teeth I'm trying to save.

I tried going on OralMD, but I got very lost. But I blame my lap top for that one, so I will try it again. And as for green tea, that is a great tip, but I do not like the taste of tea. Maybe I'll try it here and there to see how it works, I'll pretty much do anything at this point.

Once again thank you so much, you have no idea how much I appreciate this.

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