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im 99% sure i have TMJ i get the jaw poping ear fullness ect .and sometimes i get pains on the top of my head mostly on the left side top and sometimes on the right. and sometimes in the back. i also have 4 impacted wisdom teeth and on the top left of my mouth i have an impacted 12yr molar along with my wisdom tooth. never posted anything about this on here becuase i couldent really think how to explain it. its not a headache its just like a sharp little pain like someone pulled your hair for a second very brief maybe 1-2 seconds. it actually doesent even hurt its more of like a pinch. its literally like a 2 out of 10 for pain. it doesnt effect me at all its just kinda happens. i cant really notice if anything triggers it just wondering if anyone else has this problem :) more i read about TMJ it can cause alot of crazy problems almost anywhere so i was just wondering crazy stuff!

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