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Greetings Ryan103!! Welcome to the Temporomandibular joint Disorder health board! :D
I would at least try sleep so that the face is not into the pillow too much and pressure on the jaw from either side from the weight of the head or from front to back. The main goal is to keep pressure from the joint of the jaw on either side of the head where it hurts. There are also some exercises for it that can be done that some physical therapists can tell a person. I might try a little alternating heat (maybe 3 minutes and cool water but not maybe not intensely so (30 seconds) and repeating 3 times doing this daily for any swelling using what is most comfortable. The timing can be opposite if desired and if it feels better, warming it for a short time and then using cool.

I would try not to bite too hard with food at first, relaxing it. If feeling emotional it might be better not to tense up but to relax. When some people have pain they tense the jaw muscles which of course makes it worse. Relaxation practice might be a good idea also. I hope some comfort is found soon! Peace, sjb

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