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For the past 4 years I've been having a range of symptoms that seem to line up with TMJD.

I have a very strong hunch that I have TMJD. Although, my main symptom is with my vision. Everything seems a little.. flat and distorted. This is why I originally went to the doctors. The fact that my vision is my worst symptom makes me question TMJD. I'm curious to hear opinions from people who have been diagnosed with TMJD.

As some history..

I've had migraines for the last 10-12 years.
15 years ago I used to grind my teeth terribly in my sleep. It was so loud I'd wake up the entire house.
20 years ago I had a fall and landed square on my chin.

I've had CAT scans of my head - All clear
Ophthalmologist twice - All clear
Full blood work done - All clear

Tight/tunnel vision.
Poor depth perception.
Eye pain when looking extreme left and right.
Tired eyes.
Dense pressure behind eyes. Worse after eating.
Eye floaters.
Difficulty reading large blocks of text.
I wear reading glasses, yet the prescription jumps up and down by 0.25-0.5 every time I visit the optometrist.

Headaches/Full aura Migraines (I've been through a range of medications for migraines - nothing stops them).
Pain in temples and at the base of my skull.
Frontal sinus pressure. Worse after eating.
Tinnitus. Volume increases dramatically when I move my jaw all the way to the front, and all the way to the back.

Buzzing through my little fingers.

[U]Jaw[/U] (I only really noticed any jaw issues once I heard about TMJD - Hypochondria?)
No pain generally except when opening wide. E.g. Yawning.
Applying slight pressure to jaw joint and then opening jaw causes pain.

Very tight muscles running down my shoulders and into my back.
Electric nerve shock running down my neck and radiating into my shoulder.

As I mentioned, my vision is my most severe symptom. Which is why I'm even questioning TMJD. Can the muscles strained from TMJD cause the eye muscles to become strained and tight?

It feels as though I have a massive muscle knot in the middle of my brow behind my eyes. As though the tight muscles are distorting my vision. I'm not sure if this is actually possible - that's just how it feels.

Has anyone else had strong vision issues? Have they been resolved after treatment?

After typing this all out, I'm realizing it sounds more and more like TMJD. I guess I'm just baffled as to how so many symptoms can be caused by one issue.

I know it's a long one. Thanks!

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