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Could this be TMJ?
Aug 9, 2012
About 3 months ago I noticed some major drainage in my throat, and dizziness.

Over the last three months, I've slowly developed more symptoms. Here they are:

Dizziness (not constant, but a lot of the time, mild)
Headaches in/around temple on right side only (like a cluster headache - almost daily for over a week now)
Sharp pains in ear on right side
Clicking or popping sounds in ear when I yawn or swallow (constant)
Head pressure/fullness
Ear ringing (mainly in right ear, for about 10 seconds, maybe once a day?)
Horrible eye pressure behind eyes (worse when headache is present)
Pain when looking around (behind my eyes - worse with headache)
Pain in jaw when chewing food
Clicking (sometimes) when I open/close my mouth
Neck pain on right side only
Pain behind ear/tension type headache

None of these are CONSTANT except for the head pressure and popping when yawning or swallowing. All of the others come and go, but are mostly present every single day at some point.

My jaw does not lock open or closed. I am yawning quite a bit, and I can tell that my jaw is sore... and it gets a tiny bit better when I take ibuprofen. I can open pretty wide, but it definitely causes soreness.

Does this sound like it could be it? If it doesn't sound like TMJ, what else could it be? No insurance to see a doctor unless it's ABSOLUTELY necessary.

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