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My symptoms manifested in the form of ear issues first so it took me a while to figure out it was TMJD. Once I figured it out, it took me a couple tries to find a specialist to really meet my needs. On the visit to my first TMJ dentist, he referred me to a PT in my area. I didn't like his overall approach, but I really found benefit with this PT. She was trained to do orofacial releases, neck work, shoulder and back work and she worked on my overall alignment. I started splint therapy with another orthodontist after I started the PT. I found the combination made a teriffic difference. I was feeling the ear pain, but hadn't realized my facial muscles were in constant spasm until the combination of treatments helped relieve those spasms.

I have had some facial issues. My ears went "numb" before the other symptoms set in. I went to my PCP, ENT and even had a brain MRI and they couldn't find a reason. When they figured out the TMJD it made more sense.

I ended up finding a Functional Orthodontist with extra training in TMJ treatment, orofacial pain, etc... In viewing the credentials and talking to his office and other offices, including a couple of neuromuscular dentists, I really liked his extended training in TMJD treatment and his philosophies in treatment. There have been others on this board who found neuromuscular dentists they had good success with though. At least both types of orthodontists look at the face and bite in relation to the teeth. The first TMJ dentist I went to had 100% TMJ practice, came recommended and actually taught at a local university. I didn't like his overall approach and felt he really wasn't committed to really helping me through this process. The dentist I'm seeing is very committed, willing to listen to my issues throughout the process and willing to try to work through those issues. He has never made judgement and has always been willing to take time to talk. He also happens to be a holistic dentist and spends time talking about my whole body health as part of my approach. As he explains, if the body isn't healthy, the tmj won't heal as well or quickly as it could.

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