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for years i've been having issues with a feeling of pressure in between the left and right of my jaw joint, as well as tinnitus. the past year or so i've been experiencing infrequent migraines that appear to be related to said head pressure. in the past i have also had periods of time where it felt like i was starting to lose hearing in my left ear.

on August 18th of this year i received 3lbs of very tough beef jerky in the mail. about halfway through eating it i noticed that the tinnitus was getting worse, and i started hearing clicking and popping noises in my ears while i talked. sometimes after i finished talking i would hear a "woosh" noise as if air were escaping from inside my left ear.

it's been about 2 weeks since i finished all of the beef jerky now, and my left ear (the side i chew on predominantly) is totally messed up. ringing extremely loudly all the time, loud wooshing, clicking, and buzzing noises during speech, and a sensation of dulled hearing. this is incredibly irritating, and i feel very off balance. my anxiety seems to be much worse now too.

i've done some research on TMJ and it really seems like this could be my problem, except that i don't exactly feel pain in my jaw. just tension and pressure. i have a doctors' appointment coming up, but i thought i'd ask a place like this for a second opinion of sorts. i'll be happy to answer any questions. thanks. =D

also: how can i remove my location from being displayed in my posts? i can't find anywhere to edit it.

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