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does anyone have any experience of this? my eustachian tubes are almost always clicking and popping due to severe muscle tension. has been going on over 3 years but has become extreme in the last 2 weeks. it also causes me to want to "flex" my throat muscles to try and get the tight muscles to release. i think this makes it worse and am trying to stop, but it is such an automatic reflex. left ear is also experiencing severe pain since last Spring caused also i believe by the same muscle tension.

started seeing a tmj specialist here in portland in june. he gave me a splint to wear on my lower teeth at night and during the day as much as possible - the theory being relax the muscles and the jaw will find its natural place. after 3 months i did not experience notable change in symptoms. some seemed to get worse and new ones - throat tightness, always trying to clear my throat. went to a new tmj specialist 2 weeks ago. he said the first splint was probably making things worse - that i should not being wearing a bottom mouthguard at night. he fitted me with a flat plate appliance on my upper teeth to wear at night and now he also has me wearing a small day appliance to see if that will help stabilize my bite. the theory being bite stabilization wil help resolve the et and ear issues (tmd).

this chronic nature of this has been and/is taking a toll on my mental health. the ear pain and et dysfucntion is like a form of torture. my stress and anxiety levels are thru the roof as i am losing hope.

has anyone had symptoms like this. what type of treatment have you tried? and any success stories would be greatly appreciated.

thank you!!!

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