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I have been reading a lot of the post under the TMJ thread and am blown away at all the problems that it can cause. I never knew. I have been searching for answers to my own symptoms and am encouraged by what I have read about TMJ. However, I am now super confused on how to test for TMJ and how to treat it. I just want my life back!!

Roughly three years ago I started having a full/pressure feeling in my right ear. I noticed that my balance was off when I walked and I was starting to feel pressure/squeezing behind my right ear that ran into the top off my spine and down into my right shoulder. I thought I had an ear infection. I felt like my vision was different in my R eye (not blurry..can't really explain it). I also hear a grinding noise when a node my head up. I went through my PCP, neurologists, ENTs, and other docs since this all started and all the bad stuff has been ruled out. I have not gotten any real answers.

I do not have any popping in my jaw or real pain, but do seem to feel like my right jaw muscles are sore. I also have lots of muscle discomfort on the right side of my neck (starts at base of skull) that runs down into my R shoulder and trap muscle. I have had manual physical therapy on these muscle areas. It really helped with the constant pain, but not the other symptoms of the ear pressure, buzzing noise, visual issues, imbalance and just feeling fog brained and off.

I am very interested in what I have read about TMJ symptoms. I have never been examined or diagnosed with this.

I would love to hear from others who have similar symptoms that have been diagnosed with TMJ. I would also like to know how you were diagnosed and what treatments are effective.

The last three years have been horrible because of this. I know all of you can relate. It has affected my personal and professional life and the anxiety and depression that goes with symptoms like this has been very difficult.

Thanks for reading and responding.

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