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All I can say is I've had a bout of tmj since march.Ive started splint therapy ( repositioning splint/ anti clench splint I wear at night).The biggest impact I've had on my tmj is trigger point therapy I do to myself, massage therapy I have done, diet (weeding out bad food for tmj) taking supplements.Perfom. Stretches, exercises neck back shoulder snd jaw. I watch my posture,changed my pillows and I control my allergies. All this has allowed me not to lose a high paying job , thank god!! A lot of good info off this site and I bought a lot of books on it , and on trigger point therapy. Now it all seems like much but I to had no support, family, gf, friends and work colleagues . It's hard for them to understand the sheer pain, Dizzyness etc this causes.TMJ syndrome sufferers look normal when were out and about, it's all internal and pain.My ears used to block but I got that under control except on really bad flare ups but I can't control it 100%. Hopefully my splint will correct everything and my posture exercises since that's primarily my cause ( too much damage from weightlifting).I hope this helps you as there is no one way if treating tmj and no one cause of tmj. Mine is muscular ( no noises, lock jAw,rarely head aches)mine is neck shoulder back pain plus inflammation under ears and sinus pressure,

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