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Hey I've been wearing a repositioning splint for four months and have gone from opening at 35mm, when my doctor told me my right TMJ was locked, to 48 mm. I made progress in the first 1 - 2 months of treatment but now things have become stagnant and I still experience pain in my jaw joint up to my left temple all the time.

Should I go for an MRI or CT scan to try and discover what's going on? Or should I give it a couple more months? My doctor only had TMJ X-rays done during his diagnosis of my problem.

I'd love to hear any advice...
Kind of hard to know. Have you talked to your dentist about this?

My TMJ orthodontist actually required me to do all of the diagnostic stuff prior to determining if a repositioning splint would be a good treatment step for me.

I had an MRI which showed my disc position was out of place. My orthodontist required me to go to a specific MRI center because he said many of the MRI centers don't do a great job with the testing and reading of the results with TMJ issues. He even sent me with my own stack of tongue depressers which I bit on for part of my MRI. They were at the height he wanted specific for my testing.

I had a 3D Cone Beam CT scan done at my ortho's during my diagnostics as well prior to receiving my splint. After about 3-4 months, he repeated the CT with my splint in so he could check on the positioning of my tmj joint. This CT scan also showed the condition of my condyles.

While both are good diagnostics, they are different.

Have you received any PT, orofacial trigger point releases, massage therapy or ultrasound since you started wearing the splint? I did all of these during the period where I wearing the splint. All of those treatments really helped me loosen up those muscles in my jaw/face, neck and shoulders. It was a critical part of my treatment in helping the splint do it's work. Right now, it is all about getting those muscles out of constant spasm. If you aren't doing any of those things, it might be worth looking into.

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