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Well the new year has given me a new unexplained medical problem. It started about a month ago when I woke up and noticed this crunchy sensation in my right ear whenever I ate food or bit my teeth. I was convinced that it was something in my ear causing this like a wax buildup or fluid. I've had this sensation before with sinus and ear infections. I went to work with my usual techniques like sealing up my ears when I shower with plugs and putting drops in my ear. Nothing would even diminish the sensation.
It felt like I had dried up leaves inside my ear. The only relief I got was when I plugged my ear with my finger while eating.

I saw a nurse practiioner, and she looked in my ear and said I had a bit of wax and debris, but nothing to be concerned. She suggested I have TMJ because I felt a small bit of pain when she pushed on the back of my jaw. Also,the fact that I grind my teeth at night,and that the ear sensation only happens when I move my jaw.

The sensation finally went away but it was replaced with more troubling sensations. Last week, I noticed when I bite down, I have an overbite and it seems like my teeth doesn't fit together like it used to do. My jaw muscles feel sore, and I can't seem to comfortable rest my jaw bones. The crunchy ear sensation also returned. Athough part of me feels like this is my mind playing tricks on me. If I can stop forgetting about the jaw sensations, it feels normal again.

So can anyone tell me if this definitely sounds like TMJ? Would TMJ cause an ear sensation like this in only one ear? I am praying that it's not TMJ because I don't have dental insurance. I have great health coverage. Is there any way to convince a dentist or doctor to treat this as a medical condition?

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