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So I have had ear congestion and pain off and on for months only in my left ear. I thought it was allergies- I take Zyrtec D during the day. Lately my left ear has gotten worse. And now I am feeling pain in my jaw area around the ear and when I open my mouth it's tight on that side. My dentist told me it's probably a TMJ issue due to me wearing an OTC mouth guard. I have worn one of these for 3 years and never had a problem. I have even clenched THROUGH one before, that is how bad my clenching is. I cannot afford a custom made one and I just made a new one, the right way (apparently my old one wasn't right) but this morning my pain is worse. I am wondering if I should not wear a mouth guard tonight and taking some advil pm to help me sleep and see if I clench? I am thinking with the mouth guard maybe because it's in my mouth I am wanting to clench it. I am so tired of this pain though. Nothing is helping, not even the allergy medicine. I am hoping my doctor will prescribe me something I can take every night to help relax me as I do have anxiety issues and went off medication a long time ago. Do doctors normally prescribe a sedative for things like this? A mouth guard only protects the teeth, the clenching won't go away and I cannot control it. Anyone else dealing with something similar to this? Only pain on one side? Also, I do have a missing molar on that side as well, but I wear a partial at night to keep the gap from closing. I don't eat with the partial as I don't like eating with it but I do eat on that side fine with the gap. It doesn't bother me. I just find it strange that all this happening so suddenly in the past week. I have never had the top of my jaw hurt like this before and my ear constantly feels full of fluid and is driving me crazy.

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