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I have not had the nerve shock experiences but TMJ issues have been dealt with and most of the time I am symptom free.

It sounds like some the nerve sensation and TMJ is linked, nerves pathways run under the ear and into the rest of the face like a fan, this will include the jaw and up to the temple and into the cheek areas.

The pressure you are experiencing is tension which is putting pressure on the inner ear this will cause the symptoms of blocked or water filled ears and even tinnitus in some cases. The fact that you can feel the tingling sensation in your arms indicates you might also have a trapped nerve in your neck or shoulders.

I think that you have a combination of things which can cause your nerve stimulation and tmj. Releasing tension in your neck and shoulders and also in your face and scalp can improve your symptoms. It might be something as simple as some physical therapy to help.

Check if you have neck and shoulder muscle tension, for your tmj massage your scalp and temple area gently, even work your jaw and face, Do some more work on your neck as well as there could be some pinched nerves there.

And yes my TMJ was sudden but now luckily I am free of the symptoms and I manage it quite well. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.

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