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[QUOTE=Sd123;5152238]Thank you so much everyone. I have an appointment with another dentist tomorrow and hopefully he will be able to shed some light on this. I also went to a doctor who did a check up of me and said that it's not neurological, so it is most likely something that is happening with my TMJ.

Mountainreader, this is a strange question but what is a PT? Is that a physiotherepist? How would you know whether they have training in this particular area?

I live in Calgary and there is a chiropractor here who apparently does something called "Active Release Technique" (ART) which is supposed to help TMJ. Do you think that something like that could help?[/QUOTE]

Active release technique is a technique used by physios and chiropractors not just on the TMJ joint but on other parts of the body as well, I think the theory is that it is supposed to help release adhesions that can keep muscles from moving properly. I had ART done my leg to mixed results. If your pain is muscular, then getting the muscles to release may help the pain - but you don't necessarily need ART do it, though you could certainly try it. When I first had my TMJ problem, my muscles spasmed and wouldn't release (but my teeth wasn't chattering). I had these huge muscle knots and I went to a physiotherapist who basically stuck a very fine needle into the muscle which released the muscle - it was painful and it worked (better than the muscle relaxants I was on). Its not acupuncture, I forget what's called but that might be also something to look into. Acupuncture can also be beneficial.

However, if you are in a lot of pain, I would hold off doing anything until you get a second opinion as to what is going on. If your jaw is painful, any physio or ART may risk increasing the pain - at the very least discuss this before you have any treatment. Also, look for someone who has experience working with TMJ. So ask the chiro how much experience he has. My experience is that generally most phsyios/chiros have little experience working with TMJ and if you really want results - you need someone with experience.

Good luck and I hope you feel better and get some answers soon.

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