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Canuck- I am on Xanax and I also have Valium. I think it has helped for the most part but today I woke up and my teeth were very sensitive. I don't want to crack a filling! My jaw is still tight, been rubbing it still and eating softer things- but it is not as bad as it was last week so hopefully it's healing...

AND they called and my guard came in- I prayed the whole way there saying "God please let it fit right!" because this was my second time going in to see if it fit. And it DID NOT FIT !!!! :(
They had to do a third impression and my dentist said third times a charm... he said I need a hard guard- the soft ones are easier to make on people and doesn't take more than one try. But the guy who is designing mine keeps making the left side hit first so when I bite down my right side isn't hitting. My bite is off as it is... My dentist said this guard will fix it. I'm not sure how it's suppose to fit though... I mean- I know how it fits- it goes on my top teeth, is molded to them and it's acrylic. I'm just so bummed I didn't get it.

I take .5 mg of Xanax and 10 mg of Valium every night right now. LOL.
But I wish I had a stronger muscle relaxer....

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