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[QUOTE=MollyW2013;5159962]I've been dealing with facial pain for 8 months now, and all my docs that I have seen have a different answer. My GP says it's hormones, and I'm entering early menopause. My ENT says its due to my sinus issues (blocked max cheek sinus from a concha bullosa). My dentist says I grind my teeth at night, but he has not offered anything else, like what this could cause, or any type of therapy.

So, my question is, can TMJ cause facial pain? I get a dull ache basically above my right eye, and along that brow. Sometimes I get pain in the temples or jaw. My jaw clicks and pops frequently when chewing tougher things.



It does sound like TMJ symptoms, the first indication is jaw clicking and popping.What is happening is that tension in one side is pulling your jaw out of alignment which is why you feel the clicking when chewing. The pain you are experiencing is due to the constant stress the muscles are under. This constant tension after a while registers as pain when left untreated and can get worse. The ache in your temple and above right eye is due to referred tension from the muscles in the jaw, this goes up into the temple area.

The fall in the shower can cause it to start of it as the shock could have caused the muscles to spasm which then started off the chain re-action.

You can easily treat this if you start now by doing some facial massage and neck and shoulder stretching. Also look at some jaw muscle exercises and some stretches you can do for the muscles in the jaw.

See if you can get some PT done but the easiest thing to do is self facial massage working down the jaw and along the jaw line, Also work on the temple area to relieve some tension there. Do some gentle neck stretches after the facial massage to relieve any tension in the neck.

Hot and cold treatment one the jaw will help it relax and I would suggest doing this before the jaw massage to soften and relax the muscles.

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