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Good questions.

Most lower mandibular repositioning splints are worn 24/7.

Because I was having problems with my lower jaw pushing back towards my ear (due to the slipped disc), sleeping was a problem since the jaw naturally falls back some when we lay down and relax. My tmj dentist customized a night splint that covers my top teeth and has a wedge in the front that comes down behind my lower teeth and keeps my jaw from falling back. It also had a "beak" that kept my bite in correct height positioning as well. I wore those splints for over a year. I had incredible results with them. My ear ringing stopped. The stuffiness I'd had for over a year resolved and the hearing loss I'd developed stopped getting worse.

It took a couple weeks to adjust, mostly because of the muscle spasm issues. I cried when I had to give them up as I moved to my next steps in treatment. They made that much difference in my life.

When I chose to go to braces as Phase II, I started with the uppers first. I continued to wear my lower splint 24/7 in combination with elastics that held my lower jaw forward.

I'm now in upper and lower braces and unable to wear a sleep splint, but I continue to wear my sleep elastic configuration.

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