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The lab technician actually came to see me one time because they couldn't get a good guard to fit- My left side kept hitting first. So the lab guy put it in hot water (hot, not boiling and not warm but hot) and left it for 1 minute- then he put it in my mouth (showing the dentist) and I bit down and it evened out more.. my bite felt more even... so they said to do this if it ever feels uneven or if it's loose. The dentist told me I didn't have to do it every night though. I am just shocked we dont' keep these things in water all day. I mean... it seems to me like they would crack if left dry. I will brush it or wash it with soap every night. Last night it felt like my left was hitting again, before my right but it could've been because I sleep on my right side. If I start having pain or issues I will call my dentist. So far so good. My ear pain is gone- I still have that clicking when I jump or do cardio but the actual ear pain has diminished a lot (but that was when I wasn't wearing ANYTHING at night and taking valium with xanax to really knock myself out while I waited for this guard. I was afraid of clenching without having any guard) I still take the xanax at night though. It helps with anxiety for sure.

Did I mention that when I got the final guard (the one that fit best) there was a CRACK in it?! I was like "Wait-- this is cracked all the way through in the front!" and my dentist looked at it and he felt HORRIBLE. That is when he called the lab guy in. He drove down right then -- then he fixed the crack just by filling it in with that acrylic stuff. I hope it doesn't crack again. Shoudln't there be a warranty type thing on these? Like if within a few months it cracks you should be able to have another one made for free? 400 dollars for a mouth guard is a lot- there should be some grace in having one of these...

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