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OMG Mando, I feel like you and I have SUCH similar symptoms.
For me, the pain and soreness is in my RIGHT ear (where I had the high bite) yet, the TMJ that is inflamed is on the left! In fact, my physio even told me that the TMJ was the right was actually ok and the TMJ on the left needed work!

It's so strange because the ringing in my ears, the crackling in the ears and the soreness is primarily on the right side.

I don't know how much a deep tissue massage costs in the States, but I was able to find someone here who can do one hour for 60 bucks. I think you should be able to find cheaper options. Just look for someone who is a registered massage therapist, and someone that has experience with intra-oral trigger points. That might help relieve your nerve/muscle pain.

I am going to this new therapist this weekend so I will let you know how it goes.

Also...licking teeth? Not good! Try to stop that! One tip that I read about online was that you just keep your tongue behind your top teeth (like you are saying "n") and relax your jaw. This is supposed to be the best position for your jaw to be in.

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