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I think it was you who was saying that once you started wearing the night guard your bite changed and you had more inflammation, was that you?

You got it adjusted right? My surgeon said to have it adjusted 2-3 months and I've been wearing it a week and I never wake up with headaches or anything and it feels like it fits ok (i only feel my back teeth hit though) but throughout the day my jaw will tighten and my ears feel infected-- this has been going on for weeks. The surgeon did x rays and said I have the beginnings of degenerative bone disease and basically told me to use moist heat, eat soft foods - etc... stuff I WAS doing already. He didn't tell me if my disks were out of place or if my jaw joint was backed up into my ear. My bite has changed though and when I don't have my partial in my mouth my bite doesn't feel right. I eat without my partial. I also have this little sore on the inside of my lip that won't go away. I am waiting for the surgeon to call me back. I've called him twice. I just don't know what to do over the weekend. Stop wearing the guard, but then I am afraid of clenching and breaking a tooth. My bite feels ok with the partial in though. It's so strange.

The weird thing is I don't wake up in pain. But both ears now feel full like they are infected. And I still have limited opening. If I try two fingertips there is a crackling sound. NOT GOOD. I just hate that I have spent all this money only to be told to go home and do what I've been doing. I wish I could afford physio. Or someone to show me how to stretch those muscles out with your finger inside your mouth. My husband is about to have a heart attack with how much all this is costing. And so I'm now in a depression and have even missed work because after talking too much it's aggravated. I'm sure anxiety makes it all worse.

Sorry to bother you, but just wanted to know what your dentist/surgeon has said lately and how you are doing with this.

Or this could've been Canuck. I can't remember!!

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