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Yes. It could be. There is a sticky at the top of this board that gives some diagnostic symptoms and these all fit.

Your symptoms are presenting much the same as mine did.

I started with a stuffy ear that wouldn't pop, then I developed severe ear pain and tinnitus. I also developed a constant 'numbness' in my ears as well. Testing revealed a moderate hearing loss had developed over the course of 1 year too. As I was getting diagnosed, I had it pointed out to me that I had neck issues as well. I'd had the neck and facial spasming for so incredibly long that it had become my 'normal' and it wasn't until I'd been in treatment that I realized how bad I'd gotten.

I saw my PCP, ENT/allergist (I'd had sinus & allergy problems for years prior), Audiologists, Neurologist, and several dentists/tmj specialists. Because of the presentation as ear symptoms, It took a long time to figure things out and even longer to find the proper fit for a person to treat me.

You can see my journey if you search through my threads. I believe my TMJ stuff started in 2009.

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