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Re: Experiment
May 24, 2013
Clencher- I did this same experiment, but mine was to see if my actual jaw and ear pain diminished without wearing the guard, if the guard was actually causing me to bite down at night and clench. However, I did have valium at the time from my dentist who told me to take it before bed and try and rest my jaw. After one week I was pain free.
My bite was even different back then than it is now. My bite now feels off, after having worn the appliance 2 weeks now. I did have it adjusted to fit my partial so I could wear that at night since I don't eat with it during the day. But my back teeth are not hitting right on my right side.

After the experiment that week and feeling better I started eating crackers and even pizza and after two days of that I remember biting into something and feeling my left side, the jaw joint shift and I had immediate inflammation and pain. That is when I realized my jaw was not fully healed and I should've stuck to softer foods even if I felt better. I'm not sure I actually clench at night anymore. I am only wearing this appliance to keep my teeth separated at night in case I do. AND I was told it would fix my bite so I keep wearing it thinking maybe it is fixing it, even though it feels more off. But I keep to softer foods too so I don't actually chew enough to feel the off bite- but today I had eggs so that is how I felt it.

If you clench your teeth at night, not wearing the guard is a bad idea- not just for your jaw joints but for your teeth. UNLESS you can get a prescription for a muscle relaxer, or maybe you have some, I would wear it unless you can take something before bed that will relax you enough to keep you from clenching.

It would be nice if we could just have a prescription to take EVERY night forever and never have to wear a guard. Lol. I am actually going to speak to my doctor about Ambien. I have always had trouble sleeping, staying asleep. I used to take melatonin. I still have some valium from the dentist and I take that for now with my guard because my jaw is still healing. I too cannot open mouth any wider than I could 4 weeks ago. That is not getting better. It's like my muscles are stuck or my jaw is stuck in a position that won't allow me to open more than just under two fingertips. I can't even get two fingertips in vertically without it tightening up on me.

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