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I've posted around on a few sites because I'm not getting any relief at all. My dentist isn't open until Tuesday, and it's driving me insane.

I do have two wisdom teeth at the top. He's never used the term impacted, but I'm assuming they are since they have yet to break through (I'm 22) and he said I need them out. I'm getting them out in January, he didn't seem like he minded at all and scheduled my appointment, there didn't seem to be to big of a rush to get them out.

I have TMJ, he told me a little over a year ago. Because of finals and going to bed at odd hours with classes and the school year wrapping up, I stopped wearing my mouth guard for about 2 months. My mouth has been bothering me for about 2 weeks. I started wearing my guard again, went for my cleaning a week ago, and it's still bothering me. He said that it's probably from me holding my mouth open so long to get cleaned, but would it last weeks?

I've had ear aches, toothaches, a sore throat, a tight jaw and pain in my jaw and neck. The pain is mostly localized at the bottom, so I didn't think it could be wisdom teeth since I don't have any bottom wisdom teeth. I don't have any pain or discomfort with my back molar or the gum where my wisdom tooth would come through. Is this just a bad flare up of TMJ? Does anyone have any tips for me to relieve my pain a little?

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