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Clencher and Sd- I don't wake up with pain really. But I am taking valium right now, the dentist prescribed it to me because my pain was SO bad a week ago so he gave me enough for two weeks. I have always thought in the back of my head to STOP wearing this guard and just take something at night to relax me. I used to take melatonin but I was wearing a soft guard back then, one I bought. I get muscle spams EVERYwhere especially in legs at night so that is why I am on xanax. But I too think about not wearing the guard.

Clencher- your guard is acrylic right? Clear, only fits on the top teeth with a smooth bottom? The bottom of mine is smooth but has grooves to sit comfortable with the bottom teeth, but is not fitted for the bottom like the top are.

Sd - I agree, it is a night by night thing. Some nights I dont' think I clench at all. There was one morning last week I woke up with a headache and I never wake up with headaches. I too think that guards MAKE us bite down on them because it is an object in our mouth and unconsciously we bite down on it in our sleep. I wish I could just take a horse tranqualizer every night. LOL

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