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I have had this going on now since november, but finally came to the realization that it was my jaw in late january, I get bad tension headaches, neck pain going down the side of the right neck near the caratoid artery, and tightness in my jaw/fatigue, I went to oral surgeon for my wisdom teeth that are all decayed and he said my lower ones have deep roots and that he would have to cut bone away and he would just FILL them if it were his teeth he told me so he pretty much evaded doing surgery on I asked him about my tmj and symptoms he QUICKLY looked in my mouth and felt my jaw joints and said its most likely muscle spasms and I should try muscle relaxers before bed, I am on xanax 2mg now all day..2 in the am 2 pm for pre existing Tinnitus from a SHL I had in 2003..anyways, I went to another Oral surgeon in late march and he didnt do anything but a panormic xray and said I don't have tmj and its from clenching at night which I find I do on and off and have for years.. but never had pain like this lately. anyways, He gave my a RX for PT no One around here in Pitt does the PT for TMJ ..only One man where my insurance covers, and I even payed out of pocket for another PT who didnt really know what he was doing, long story short I went to a Neuro muscular dentist from the area and he checked my bite manually and tested me for tmj by his hands NO machines or tomgraphy ect. which he kept pushing for. and said It seems ALL muscular..and put me on a tens unit for an hour for FREE and it felt mad weird and It didnt do anythingggg..:/ Unreal, so now weeks later I still feel like crap and my T is worse than ever and I also have a filling that had a temp in it up top on my not so bad side that needs fixed and he said he cant do anything till it gets fixed as far as a Guard for at hearing all these stories about guards on here I really dont want to try that route..I just want to be pain free...if anyone on here can Guide me on what they would do please help...I am at a loss and do not know what the heck to do at this point....One guy who does TMJ PT I have an appt on june 6th he is the one everyone says is so they're sending me another PT script in the mail.... I feel like my bite is uneven then at times its bizarre....then some days ( very few) I feel perfect. FYI I also started chelated magnesium over the weekend, 200mg and I will work up to 400..

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