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I only hear crackling noises in my ears, by the jaw joint. Whenever I swallow. And when I exercise- say for instance doing any type of cardio there is a cosntant tapping in one ear, sometimes its in the right and sometimes its in the left. But my muscles are super tight and I can't open very wide without it feeling like it's going to lock or something. I am afraid of the cost of this appointment as well. They said to bring my insurance card and co pay. But I used up all my co pays for the years so I don't know how much they will charge for this consultation. I started a new med yesterday that I'm not sure if it was making me worse- but I was yawning so much, back to back yawning constantly that it felt like my throat was closing up on me and i almost panicked and i had a hot flash all over my arms and tingling sensation and thought i was then going to throw up. But the medicine i took was in the morning and this was at night so... not sure. I do know I yawn a lot. And it's hard because I don't want to open my mouth all the way, it feels like my jaw shifts at times to one side when I yawn.

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