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I have suffered from TMJ caused by bruxism (extreme clencher asleep and awake) for 10 years now. about 17 months ago my jaw locked and will not open more than 15mm and is constantly causing pain.
My GP referred me to NHS consultant maxillofacial dept. NHS didnt do any xrays and just decided to go down pain management (tramadol). After being discharged I was still in constant pain and struggling to eat so I decided to go private.

I ended up seeing the same consultant (Mr Peter Douglas, Newcastle). He advised me that he is really restricted as to what he could do under the NHS.

Privately he was able to do an investigative arthroscopy, where he removed many bone fragments.

Sadly this made no difference so I was sent for an MRI results showed that the right jaw joint was completely misshapen and had bone splinters. The disc was destroyed beyond repair.

So now I am about to undergo surgery to reshape my joint and remove the disc replacing it with a piece of muscle.

Has anyone been through this?

What’s the recovery time like?


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