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I’m a patient of Dr. Warburton’s and he is great because he really tries to help keep you out of surgery. Plus he suffers from TMD (has never had surgery himself) and understands what you are going through.

Other excellent doctors are…
Dr. Larry Wolford (Dallas TX - Baylor University Medical Center)
Dr. David Hoffman ( Staten Island University Hospital)
Dr. M. Franklin Dolwick (Univ. of Florida Dental School in Gainesville)
Dr. Gregory Ness (Univ. of Ohio Dental School in Columbus)
Dr. Peter D. Quinn (Univ. of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine)
Dr. Pushkar Mehra (Boston Medical Center - University School of Medicine)
Dr. Mark Piper (Piper Clinic – St. Petersburg Florida) (Fat Graft expert)
Dr. David Keith (Boston: Massachusetts General Hospital)

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