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[QUOTE=Amanda6;5259893]Hi Hev42,
That is correct. I wrote in my post above how things are now. I am seeing a cranial osteopath about once a month at the moment, which I find is gradually helping me with my symptoms. The osteopath thinks some of my problems are postural, with my pelvis being out of alignment causing ascending misalignments though my back, neck and jaw, but he also thinks I still have some cranial strains and jaw alignment problems as well, which ought to have been addressed during my orthodontics.

I started getting jaw clicking on each opening nearly 20 years ago, which may have been caused by having extraction orthodontics as a child, with the use of headgear. That is how it has been explained to me by some of the TMJ dentists I have seen for opinions. The click which I had started off as a quieter click on each opening of my jaw, and over time got louder and became more of a loud clunk on each opening, and also where my jaw deviated on opening at the point where it clunked. I started to get constant pain in the opposite side to the clunk, in my ear, face, eye, neck and shoulder on that side, and also in my lower back and SI joint as well. I have heard that it's possible to have displaced discs in the TMJ but not to be aware of any clicking.

Maybe if your symptoms have just flared up from dental work, you could find that a cranial osteopath might be able to help.[/QUOTE]

Hi Amanda
Funnily enough there is a cranial osteopath in my village who said that could be very good for TMJ issues, she also does Bowen technique (cant remember what that is off hand but could also be useful apparently) Does the cranial osteopath give you exercises to do at home etc? Do you think you have less pain after the NM dental treatment or just increased opening and less clicking? Sorry for all these questions! Heather x

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