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[QUOTE=jdomes;5305518]Have you been checked for any allergies?I have a milk allergy.Without dairy in my diet,i feel less inflammation.I have had to use a neti pot for several yrs to really get any of the thick mucous out of my sinus'.I also take over the counter allergy meds,and occassionaly prescription nasal sprays.I have tmj and the added pressure has been pretty unbearable.Its only been about 3 months that im dairy free but I believe I am producing less mucous.Hopefully it will return to relatively normal at some point.Just something to check out.[/QUOTE]

I might go for allergy testing next week possibly. I still am getting those clicking/popping/grating sounds that won't go away though. So I keep thinking it's something with my TMJ. I've been on anti-biotics, allergy medicine & nasal spray for the past week & it hasn't done anything for my symptoms really. He thought it was an eustachian tube problem. It's possible it is, but it's not doing anything for me. He said he's going to send me for a sinus & ear MRI if it don't work. As well as a hearing test. And I might possibly get a TMJ MRI too. I still wonder though if it's a muscular problem or something, but if it was something with my muscles I'd think I would have really bad pain. But I only get ear pain once in awhile, but nothing severe. But this problem is still affecting my life a lot.

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