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Re: TMJ/Depression?
Mar 16, 2014
Thanks. I used to see a counselor when I was at college. However, when moving to Baton Rouge I quit because my work schedule is not fun to corrdinate around. For some weird reason but maybe it makes since is I really only get that bad when I am at work. I am highly considering changing departments if a new opening comes available. I know some work situations can be bad but the environment at my office is pretty sad. Even though I didn't enjoy it I am back in high school and labeled as the geek/goodie goodie that can't eat. It's not fun and is not helping me any.

I am scheduled to see the new doctor on the 24th so I have started a countdown because this appointment has been needed so bad. He does have all necessary dental degrees for an oral surgeon and he is leading up the pain clinic at the dental school and is also working very closely with tmj patients. I am not sure what he will recommend but I just hope he can understand my problems and doesn't think I am crazy.

Oh Canuck didn't you mention in past post you are facing some kind of replacement surgery for your tmj joints? I really can't remember but do have a question that I was going to post on the board to see what people would think.

I had an adjustment done to my splint Thursday afternoon and I was sore and took 800mg ibuprofean before I left for obedience classes. I was out at the classes for maybe 3 hours talking constantly (even though in pain) and I do realize I did WAY too much. I got home at 9:40 and I couldn't open my mouth at all and my jaw was spasming and I got a migraine really bad around the temporal area. I went to bed maybe around midnight and didn't sleep well and didn't feel better in the morning. I tolerated my way through work and I was just exhausted by the time I got home. I had been dozing off and on maybe from 7-10 and woke up to take the dogs out. Before I could take them out I went to open my mouth barely to drink some water and my left side made this loud noise. The noise was like it was cracking or maybe something breaking. I compared it to maybe breaking a glass plate on a floor.

I ended up not sleeping well again Friday night and kept doing what I could Saturday just to maybe forget about what happened. Saturday all day I either had a pain in my ear, burning sensation, and even pain right in front of my ear. Today the left side is still hurting and even with taking the ibuprofean and flexril I would rate my pain around a 7.

I did text my orthodontist to let him know because I couldn't open my mouth without having pain. I finally got a response from him maybe 15 minutes ago. He said he wanted to check on me today and will look at calling later after he gets out of a meeting. All I can say is I am thankful I have him and his partner working on my case. I do believe there is a chance I may have something else that is weird. But I know they will help me figure something else so I can be comfortable.

Canuck do you have any ideas to what may have happened? I maybe heard that sound once before but it was not as bad as what happened Friday night. I am not sure if I should try contacting my oral surgeon tomorrow to see what he says. Or if I should just wait until my apt on the 24th. I have made some notes to make sure I do remember to tell him what happened.

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